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Experienced. Certified. Insightful.

I am a reliable and experienced intuitive Empath, lightworker astrologist and psychic. Since I was a child I was always interested in why things were the way they were, and how  and why things tick, always seeking deeper meaning, I searched always for the root cause.  What lies beneath the surface has always fascinated me. I took an interest in depth psychology, archetypes & dream interpretation around age 10 & quickly reformed my playgrounds 4 square court into a method of connecting to the 4 elements and tried to perform seances during recess. Obviously, those were less successful than anticipated, but my witchy, earthy path started early on. Always a star gazer, astrology soon became a natural affect of reality to me and this cosmic comprehension has served me well in ways I can hardly strive to explain. I started seeing ghosts and sensing spirits at a very young age and was very discouraged from sharing these experiences- I am proud to say that not only do I EMBRACE these sensitivities I have also helped many others through them. I have helped perform exorcisms , helped people connect with passed loved ones, helped people connect back to their own spirit and soul language (what I call returning home) and guided many to appreciate and decipher their cosmic blueprint imprinted in the skies. I have myself gone through an incredible healing journey, one filled with grace but  marked by considerable hardships-the hardest of which was self love. I aim to help my brethren through this , as I have needed help (and still do!) many times along my path. Your first & most important task after leaving the cave is to go back in with your little lamp light and guide and pull others out of the darkness into light. I was meant to serve humanity in this incarnation , to be of use is of the upmost importance to me. I have found many healing modalities to be of great use & love to be able to share them with my human family. I believe we help make the world a better place by making our own world a better place, everything little thing you heal, and conquer, you not only do for yourself-but for all of us.

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