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Crystal Prescriptions for Courage, Strength & Self Love. Part 1

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Inspired by the New Moon in Aries Crystals- Rhodonite, Rose quartz, Tigers eye. Rhodonite reminds us that it’s time to peel back our petals and show ourselves the true honest beauty we possess. If you find yourself tangled in toxic thought patterns or constantly giving away your power, sitting with Rhodonite inspires & invites you to meditate on your own magic. This supreme stone of love while guiding you gently towards the value & benefits of It’s a difficult task to truly express what non judgement feels or shows up as, healing hearts by providing feelings of compassion Known for its ability to fill every cell with love- With the wisdom that Self love provides the foundation for the love of others and must be established first. When one learns how embrace themselves, they are better equipped to live honestly without compromising their values; this helps set them on the path towards abundance as well as opening up potential opportunities in life they might have otherwise missed out on! Not only will rhodonite promote bad thoughts disappearing but those darker swirls are connected too - if we follow these lines upwards they can lead you back into feeling safe which frees your mind and spirit to pursue the beautiful things in life that you deserve. In this way this crystal forms a sort of positivity and high vibe loop,further promoting and rooting yourself and those around you in love, compassion and integrity. Rose quartz is probably the most understood and well known crystal for infusing love & compassion in your heart and soul, and bringing a gentle kindness into your world. This wonderful quartz should be charged under moonlight, cleared and charged, then held in your left hand for a quick meditation and alignment upgrade. Take a few breaths and allow the gentle cleansing properties to wash over you ,and with each breath out, release a self sabotaging toxic thought, allowing the sweet pink light in, replacing Doubt with love, fear with compassion and limiting beliefs with inspired action. Do this for as long as you are called to, drink a cup of water( better yet if you charged it with the quartz before hand!) And visualize pink and green light emanating and growing stronger and brighter from the middle of your chest. Take your arms and cross them, essentially giving yourself a big supportive hug and proclaim " Today and the next days, I choose love, in all her forms, both inside and out". Do this for at least 3 days , and any other time youre called to refill your cup. The more often this ritual is done, the stronger and more established this self love becomes. By consistently embracing this practice we start to rewire our subconscious brain, and rearrange our outer circumstances and iniatiating deep and lasting change. Remember as above,so below, as within, so without. Our outer life is a reflection of our inner world, so by declaring you're sovereign decisions to embrace and live in love, your out circumstances start to change around you. I'm so excited for you! Tiger Eye- Get grounded and glorified in that beautiful big cat energy! MEOW!! Banded shades of orange, gold, and black helps balance the sympathetic nervous system. When out of balance and overstimulated, this system is host to all kinds of difficult consequences and Bodily sensations. Anxiety, nervousness, fear,-keeping us small- being scared at minor perceieved threats ect... an out of balanced system takes it toll. When chronically desensitized we can experience excessive nervousness, anxiety, panic attacks and physical reactions that reacts intensely to even small stimulus, essentially our body is automated to assume the worst, regardless of what our brains try and tell it. This keeps us small, and limited. It robs us of our strength, perseverance and Courage . It essentially keeps us stuck by freezing us, making it harder still the get moving again. This stone is important for helping us find our grounding force; it's one of the lower chakras strongest allies. Known to bring insight and decisive action it can arouse courage within you to stand strong against adversity and drench heaps of love and light into your lower chakras. The warming gold and black stone brings courage, thoughtful calm, and serenity to all kinds of behavior. This is one of the fiercest healing crystals,it will warm your solar plexus energy as you kindle the fire in this part of your body with liquid love, strength, and self-acceptance. Embrace this stone in both hands as you stand poised with your shoulders squared with your hips in confidence. "By surrounding my lower chakras in golden light I understand that bravery is not only being brave but it's also knowing when its time to back down." About the Solar Plexus - This sun centre is important because it gives us our willpower; they're linked up closely to action; we also find discernment in what worth fighting for, and the energy and inspiration to do so. The solar plexus can provide an avenue for the throat chakra to bloom healthily, allowing us to express the creativity that is found there. When we know what we want to do and are aligned with our inner fire, this light produced in the chakra fuels our inspired expressions we produce out in the world through our throat centre, also known as the chakra. This balance is crucial for maintaining integrity and consciencely creating our lives. With this understanding we are no longer victims or passive in our lives, just held hostage by circumstance, but instead design our reality in a manner of our desired position. This is crucial for any manifesting work as well as the infrastructure of the system of flow we must maintain in order to have a healthy and balanced life and not hold onto the things that have hurt us , effectively allowing us to be released from last pains and self sabotaging thoughts that have built up over time. Follow my affiliate link to purchase crystals at a special discount!💛

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