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The promising and awkward guidance from the Flamingo

Flamingo Spirit Guides & Flamingo people pt. 1

I’m honestly surprised I have so much to say on this. This is part one out of three y’all!

Being able to blend in to your surroundings is definitely a gift. It can really enable you to understand others and be sensitive towards their needs. However this can also be become problematic when it overhauls other healthy methods of interacting with the world.

The Flamingo personality Is one who is very connected to their feelings. This lends itself to a sort of emotional intuitive that is someone who usually finds quite a lot of joy and connection with being sensitive. It is because these people are naturally inclined towards wisdom, and having an inner fearlessness and vibrancy towards expressing their souls joyfully, they seldom miss an opportunity to help others do the same .

This joy is so fundamental to these natives that they are inspired to “ stick their neck out” for others- as an example- or sometimes even just for the sake of it- as to lead the way and create space for others to do the same.

The Flamingo can see above the crowds, and while being firmly planted on earth, they understand humility and tepidness as well. This is a spirit that has overcome playing small, but their confidence can become fragile at times because of this. They stick out from the crowd, are wise leaders with a great perspective, however they are a bit different. And they can sometimes become too aware and too shy of their stature. Most often this expresses itself in a concern for others, possibly becoming over sensitive to their movements.

As a big bird they feel awkward stomping around and twisting their neck above every one else. Trying to find comfort as they adjust to the parameters not appropriate for their height or weight. In turn this tends to create This sort of acute sensitivity- a dichotomous fate that stems from being admired while not quite fitting in with everyone around them.

They are sweet and gentle and kind, but plump and tall and stalky. It isn’t easy to miss a Flamingo , especially around other birds. This soft creature is exposed. Always. It can’t hide. And regardless of its agenda, it isn’t hard to miss. They make a statement, by their literal existence.

This is one of the reasons the Flamingo spirit is so thoughtful. Or kind .



It sticks out

Everyone knows when it walks through the room

So the flamingo has adopted a spirit of consideration. Not just because it has to be acutely aware of its surroundings( least it step on something or someone) but because it has had to adapt and realize exactly how much space it takes up.

It has been the center of conversations, just because. And so it has an acute psychic understanding of how that feels to be that someone. And how brash uninspired comments and assumptions can limit and reduce the energetic vibrancy one dares to assume.

This is a soul who knows

Probably before you do.

In the realm of animal spirit guides, the majestic flamingo stands out as a symbol of grace, elegance, and spiritual wisdom. With their vibrant pink plumage and long slender legs, these enchanting birds captivate our imagination and hold a significant place in various cultures across the globe. As a spirit guide, the flamingo offers profound lessons and guidance for those who seek balance and harmony in their lives.

The flamingo spirit guide embodies qualities such as adaptability, social connection, and emotional depth. By observing their communal behavior and unwavering poise amidst changing environments, we can learn valuable lessons about embracing change with grace and maintaining our inner composure during turbulent times. Moreover, the flamingo’s vibrant coloration symbolizes self-expression and authenticity – encouraging us to embrace our uniqueness without fear or judgment.

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