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It's difficult to really say that this is in response to you because it's like so absurd

you give anybody that vile up like any sort of credit but I is fucking can't like this is absurd and I'm obviously going to feel something


Here's my expression

So when I say they I will literally talk about the white supremacist and it's insane that I like don't even have to point who they are because they're they're like a thing in our society specifically Nick Fuentes or whatever the fuck is fucking name is I just saw like this other video I mean there's so many there's so many there's so many okay so

I think there is one thing that said in your heart of hearts black people are violent and you know that and I love this coming from the oppressor I love this coming from a white supremacist who literally is about like burning people up or like fucking up people or like literally not using words or interacts or anything but like fucking being so full of violence such a fucking puny pathetic pathetic person that need to use weapons it's not even like these people are fighting is to fist or even with nuts it's literally the cowardice of guns guns are such bitch moves and this is like somebody talking about how black people are inherently violent and this is like an imperialistic colonist like fucking talking about that are you fucking serious are you fucking serious are you fucking serious.

Then This fucking invalid talks about the Unabomber as a fucking hero while just fucking catching his fucking breath after saying black people are inherently violent are you kidding me? Nope this is all coherent with this person like this person literally thinks that like when my people do violence it's not violent but when black people may be respond to the fact that they are you know having violence upon them or you know maybe have had their entire history ripped out from under them and aggressive my rid of ways that I am not capable or educated enough to even like go into respectfully and then they're like oh yeah there doesn't hardly violent thugs blah blah blah as all of like what is violence actually let's look at what violence actually is .

So what violence is is physically intimidating and controlling somebody in like a certain way and like it's very much sure that a lot of white collar crimes do that too. I'm pretty sure that withholding health care is a violent act I'm pretty sure please brutality is violent I'm pretty sure the Holocaust was violent I'm pretty sure that talking about Jewish people and burning flags on a fucking long is violent okay you fucking turd bucket you fucking sit inch piece of shit I would love to see you without a fucking gun fucking face me cuz I would beat the shit out of you You fucking dweeb.

He literally talks about burning women alive and talks about how black people are violent like it is insane like it's not even like I would like I don't know where to be offended first but I am going to be firstly offended by offending my intelligence. All he does is talk about violence violence violence while claiming that black men are violent. Let me tell you something I have been in a lot of fucking situations I've been a lot of vulnerable situations and it just so happened that like randomly like black men have just randomly like have seen me and have like literally picked me up off the street and have driven me home That's just like my experience I have been raped by white men I have been accosted assaulted by white man my entire life there is nothing scarier than the white man okay there is nothing inherently dangerous about any fucking gender or any race except for the white man

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