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Ode to Pisces

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Get swept up , emerge yourself in the nebula of creation whilst skirting the gates of hell. Pisces’ rose colored glasses didn't just get their blush from the sun, nah- if you can perceive it they'll let you in on a secret. Their compassion and empathy has nothing to do with innocence, but instead form from fierce encounters of every side imaginable. These escape artists can teach you a trick or two on how to tight rope yourself out of an unscalable ditch- and look good while doing it. These rose colored glasses are not momentous of naivety, instead they’re declarations of wisdoms insistancy. See pieceans know something the rest of us don't. What is it? Don't ask me, I'm an iceberg, a stubborn relentless structure of frozen sea, I'm no fish but I know two things. We are the only ones capable of comprehending the sharp edges outlining. The soft underbelly snuggled and folded neatly into each other, forging connections creating the most hauntingly beautiful poetry and tragic circumstances you are barely capable of conceiving- and second - never underestimate these mermaids, these sea people of the clouds. Not only can they read your mind- they've already lived it. Pisces is unique in the way that it is completely itself and at the same time everybody else. You would think this exhausting but in reality pisces is just waiting for everyone else to catch up. So they yawn and they stretch and flex their experiences into a bountiful artistic expression. They'll communicate telepathically without second guessing and then become authentically and deeply offended when they come to find their telepathic communication was mostly one sided. They’ll probably never tell you though. Because they don't believe you that you can't read their minds like they read yours, so they create little execution courts all over and throughout their lives, truly believing they are being ignored. Punished even, Abandoned, and scorned. Poor little fishies, you're just smarter than me in the fact that you realize you're me but I don't know I'm you yet. One tempts to think that they must like it? Martyrs, these little fishy fish, always swimming in one way against the other, like humanity maybe? It must be so difficult to be so concentrated, locked in the momentum perpetuated. Skin and soul and mine and whole and on and on again. Repetitive. In fact we understand their Martyr role a little more now. This spiritual, profound awareness and then the utter lack of control over instinctual compliance , kind of makes us understand the insistant personality of their axis twin- The perfectionist Virgo and it's relentless perfecting. The aggressive organizing and planning ahead-ness. These two signs- this axis twin- know something we don't- and not only are they traped- they're burdened by it. I don't blame them for trying to hold us to. Slightly higher standard, do you? So go hug a Pisces Appreciate a Virgo They could probably use it And after all It's never a bad idea to get kind inside Because those fishies, regardless of any.other.variable. Trust me when I say this They can read your mind. Please test me on this Tell a lie Innocuous and inoffensive Like there's no reason why Anyone would need to call it out And watch your finned friend Figure it the fuck out. And never trust you again ( Well that's dramatic, they usually give u a few chances)( at least they pretend too ) This ends the brief introduction on my ode to my fishies whom I swim with. I love to hate you and love to love you so much more, but most importantly, I love to be loved by you when we cross each other's shores. After all,nobody masters hell or can even hang with me like you can. Happy Pisces Season! Shared from Wondr Note

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