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Psychic Development Resources

This is where I will share different resources, tips and tricks as well as exercises to help you develope your intuition and strengthen your psychic muscles. Send me a message if you are interested in 1 on 1 training or to join a small group to work together with.

Zener cards are one of the most accessible and fun ways to strengthen your psychic muscles and learn how you receive information personally. The biggest challenge we face when starting out if the lack of conditioning and awareness of HOW we go about this way of communicating. The best part of Zener cards is that it helps you with both projection and reception, and it was formed by a science backed modem which is reassuring since too often these two worlds have so few bridges, as well as the obvious benefits of the research given to the topic and to the designs. This is a link that dives a little more into the development as well as a printable resource so you can access and have your own to work with. Have so much fun and keep track of the results! One of the biggest skills needed in psychic attunement is that of focus, so you can even use this yourself in the way you would play the game memory and it will bring great benefits to your psychic eye and muscle! ttps://

Let's talk about the sixth Chakra

Your third eye is located between your eyebrows and it allows you to see things in your mind’s eye, like if you were to remember a movie or any form of visualizing in your head. It is where and howyou see intuitive visions, images, symbols, and colors as your clairvoyance develops. The third eye is one of the 7 chakras, and is related to the endocrine system through the pineal gland. This gland literally is the same shape as your eyes, it's a cone shape, hence the name-pineal for pine cone- and taken as a view from the side, it is the same design as the eye of Horus. This is seen as a symbol of protection, because this is where your inner wisdom lives and this is the main system of how that higher awareness is transfered and communicated. Any form of visualizing and imagining will help develope this chakra and this gland. For me it use to be difficult for me to hold an image in my minds eye for more than just a second or two at a time. With practice I got better with it. Focus is the most important lesson you can learn to develope and be patient with, because discernment relies on this ability to be still.

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