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Saturn - The Key to Your Soul's Purpose

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Saturn has influenced us in so many ways. Did you know that Santa was based on Saturn? Or that duality in it's most infant phase is just Saturn energy? As one of my mentors Debra Silverman says, Saturn is like the principle-if you're doing what your suppose to be doing-you may be nervous, but overall you're excited when he shows up-but if you've been ditching class and avoiding your responsibilities, a call to the principles office is scary. This is true in so many ways. Saturn is the great gas giant, the great God of time keeping and accountability,. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn-ever notice how they HAVE to get things done? The burden of responsibility is one of their main features. Saturn comes around to squeeze the shit out of your life, to see what still holds ground after it's done. What wasn't strong enough-simply isn't good enough for you. Saturn is seen as an angry patriarchal or a wise old shaman-depending on your phase and your perspective. Either way, Saturn's benevolence is strongly felt as a disciplinarian. He comes around do get the shit out you were not able to get rid of yourself. Like a Father, Saturn wants to protect you, and like a Father, he often lacks tact-of course he would respond to that sentiment " I don't have time for that"

Saturn represents struggle in the name of growth and development. Wherever Saturn lies in your chart is one of the main lessons you have come to Earth to learn and to perfect. Your soul needed to learn this. If you have Saturn in a water sign your soul came to understand emotions in their full capacity, guts and glory. If it is in a fire sign, you came to learn how to stand up for yourself and be bold and adventurous. If it is in air then you came to learn how to articulate your concerns and communicate sincerely. How to speak up and be confident in your deliverance of thoughts. If it is in earth your lesson is to understand what you value, and how to appreciate consequences on the material realm, finances play a role here as well.

This stern teacher loves you, like that hated teacher who pushed you with little outward gratitude. There is no escaping him, so it is best to lean into your lessons because trust me, you can't out win him. A Saturn return occurs every 28-29ish years, and is when Saturn returns to the exact spot in his orbit he was when you were born. This is exam time. Times up. What did you learn? Have you been behaving right? Like Santa he knows if you have been naughty or nice and rewards you accordingly. Like Santa he is benevolent, and scary like Krampus. Wherever he is in your chart, in whichever house he lives, you will find struggle and difficulty in. It isn't his fault you have this weakness, he is just showing up to indicate the blind spot your soul has earned from previous incarnations. He holds the greatest strife, but the greatest wisdom, so buckle up and do your homework, because he is watching and keeping score.

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