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Chakra Evaluation & Personalized Adjustment Plan

Chakra Evaluation & Personalized Adjustment Plan

Chakras are our energetic processing centers that coney important information as to our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health is at. Everything that shows up eventually in our bodies or our daily lives is first seen in these energetic spheres. If as we apply spiritual hygienic maintenance, similar in respect to preventative medicine or check ups, we then are able to access the vitality reports and see any energetic build ups or any other kind of blocks that inhibits the optimal flow of prana or life force within us. Anything from casual stressors to traumatic experiences can cause the emotional or physical aspects of our energy to condense and have difficulties moving forward through the bodies highly developed subtle energy framework. When this happens , congested feelings and energy can lead to imbalance, disease, tension and so much more that eventually have the ability to severely limit our wellbeing. By taking proper precautions and checking in with yourself you are able to easily work through misalignments and live a more productive and vibrant life in the here and now and also for your future self. Chakra tune ups are a wonderful and productive life

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