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Healing the Mother Wound Through Sacral Chakra Alignment

Healing the Mother Wound Through Sacral Chakra Alignment

This March in honor of both Woman’s history and also resurrection month I am offering counsel and alignment therapy at a price that is accessible to all . We all hold the wounds of our Mothers and our Mothers Mother from our time in the wound. We also may have much more than just these ancestral wounds to care for, and they play out in our lives, and most often are expressed by affecting our sacral chakra. This Chakra is home to our sensitivities, sensuality, receptiveness, and pleasure centers. This shows up in a few different ways .I often find that my female clients are “numb” and unable to achieve orgasms without intense pressure from vibrators or other sex toys. Usually they can only achieve climax by themselves. These woman also often have difficulties accepting gifts or complements about themselves from other people as well. This is a huge barrier and block in manifesting the lives they deserve and want from themselves. Far outside the sexual arena, this block prevents them from receiving, or at least receiving things gently and with pleasure. The female body is literally designed for joy. There are many things that have congregated in this paradigm that prevents us from living life this way.

I am here to help you find anything or any indication that this may be a factor playing out in your life. After all, even when we are in clean health it is valuable to double check and access our bodies internal systems.

This offering is to book a session with me where I energetically scan your chakra system and then bring awareness and special focus to your second chakra. This is the place where all life begins. This is such a powerful center that is often overlooked. It is your birthright and your greatest ally in creating a purposeful life.

I will ask conduct a tarot reading in alignment with my find and start off with a light diagnosis and create a basic plan of empowerment for you based on these results. Easy , gentle alignments and shifts is what I will provide for you here. .Nothing to be afraid of, be aware we also tend to hold onto a lot of shame in this area so if this sensation comes up, then that’s perfectly natural. We may feel resistance to this information and want to numb up against the inherent vulnerability being asked of us, but fear dissipates very quickly as we address the healing and vitality that is stored here.

After our session, if necessary or desired I will then refer you to my Reiki Master I partner with who will be able to further help you along your journey.

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