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Hydrolumination™ Sprays by Crystalline Essence

Hydrolumination™ Sprays by Crystalline Essence

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Hydrolumination™ Sprays are a facial mist made with acidified and purified Sedona area well water, that has been lightly scented with essential oils, coconut based emulsifier and energized with the vibrational frequencies of crystals, minerals and flower essences. Low ph or acidic water restores the skins natural protective acid mantel & hydrates skin cells.

Spray 2-4 pumps on your face after washing, then apply your daily or nighttime moisturizer. Also good for acne, scars, eczema & psoriatic skin areas. Apply after showering or bathing. 

Brilliant Morning Mist: Wake up to this brilliant mist made with several crystal vibrations, flower essences and essential oils to get your day started! Rare Ajoite, Citrine, Fossil Lily & Zuchinni flower essences! Wow, talk about a concoction for your morning beauty routine! This spray is also infused with Marjoram Orange, Carrot coconut essential oils. 

Vibrant Day Starter: Smells so good it will absolutely make you feel vibrant! Using crystal vibrations of Blue Tanzanite and Fossil Shell as well as Baby Blue Eyes and Banana flower essences, this mist will energize your day! Made with essential oils Palmarosa, Lime and Litsea Cubeba giving it such a beautiful, energizing aroma! 

Calming Moonlight Rays: For the perfect nighttime routine, use this relaxing and calming spray that will make you want to sip a good tea and curl up with a good book before bedtime! Made with crystal vibrations of Grossular Garnet,  flower essences of Panini-O Ka and Sitka Burnet and essential oils of Roman Chamomile and Vanilla. This spray smells so delicious! 

Crystalline Essence products are all hand made by Gina Covel, RN, Vibrational Alchemist and Master Dowser. 

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