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The greatest client service. Steph was very attentive to everything I had questions about and very informative about the services that they offer. I have been a client for steph for about over a year now and I have booked several sessions with Steph and have had amazing outcomes each time.

Angelina B.

This woman is a beautiful soul who was dead on, on my reading!! The way she explained everything was very clear and she has an amazing talent. I am grateful for all the tid-bits and insight. Thank you a new perspective Stephanie. You are extremely talented.

Leah B.

Just had a RAD, first tarot reading experience! Going into the session, holding tight to my previous misconceptions, I was totally surprised to find what she revealed to be incredibly relative to where I’m at in my life. She is obviously very knowledgeable in her craft, as my reading was astonishingly informative and applicable to my current state of being. Im super stoked and will booking again right away!

Natalie P.

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